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Lorraine Institute of Oncology

Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine (ICL)

Lorraine Institute of Oncology is a French Comprehensive Cancer Centres (FCCC), a non-profit health care institution, member of the UNICANCER Group. It houses all the human and technological means involved in the treatment, education and research in oncology.

Lorraine Institute of Oncology receives any patient from the region presenting  a suspected or evidenced cancer disease through a multidisciplinary approach and a commitment to high standards of quality.

Widely known as a referral institute, it takes in charge patients who require specialized, highly specific care involving several combined treatments. As part of the regional network of care in cancerology (NEON), it collaborates with the University Hospital (CHRU de Nancy) and general public hospitals. GP practitioners and specialist physicians are correspondents of the institution thus ensuring the continuity of medical care.

Contacts and questions

Four missions

Diagnosis and treatment 


  • Tumor diagnosis
  • Specialized treatments in oncology, surgery, radiotherapy and combination of treatments
  • Pain management, psychological support

Lorraine Institute of Oncology has several technical platforms : medical imaging, endoscopy, CyberKnife, Anatomic pathology laboratory, surgery, radiotherapy, brachytherapy, medical oncology.



Prevention and screening

Lorraine Institute of Oncology participates in programmes of breast cancer and colorectal cancer screening and in campaigns for the prevention of addictions (alcohol, tobacco, …) in partnership with associations and public authorities. ICL is involved in the campaigns “Mars bleu” (colorectal cancer awareness) and ‘Octobre rose” (breast cancer awareness).




Research focuses on the causes and the treatments of cancers. The objective is to improve the quality of diagnosis and the efficiency of treatments, and to make these improvements directly available to patients of the Institute and the Region.


    • Clinical research: The Clinical Research Unit of ICL evaluates new possibly more efficient treatments and strategies in order to improve the quality of treatments and therefore patients survival rates. Certified in 2011 as a Centre for Clinical Research, Lorraine Institute of Oncology provides more than 100 protocols of clinical research
    • Translational research: The Unit of Tumor Biology of ICL selects innovations that can improve diagnosis (molecular biology, genetics, radiodiagnosis) and treatments (radiotherapy and radiophysics, surgery, medical oncology)



Accredited as a training centre for several years, ICL offers more than 2000 hours of courses per year to students and health care professionals, through 



Logo unicancer RVB OrangeLorraine Institute of Oncology, as the other 18 regional anticancer centres, belongs to the UNICANCER Group. Supervised by the Federation of comprehensive cancer centers, the UNICANCER Group is structured around a health care cooperation group, a medical scientific project and a new brand. As a result of the strategy of Group of Centres settled in 2007, the main objectives of the UNICANCER Group are as follows:

    • Mutualising competencies and resources
    • Reinforcing the image and model of Comprehensive cancer centres in France